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Look Both Ways

Sarah Watt, 2005


“a joyful affirmation of life... very impressive... these aren't just interesting characters, they're flawed but beautiful human beings, and your heart reaches out to them as they pick their way through the difficulties of simply living... The performances are flawless... a close to perfect movie ...one of the best films of the year” 4.5 Stars
David Stratton, AT THE MOVIES

“I love it!... It bowled me over... Such a major achievement ...Extraordinary ...Fabulous” 4.5 Stars
Margaret Pomeranz, AT THE MOVIES

“an engaging, uplifting experience” 4 Stars
Fenella Kernebone

"imaginative, humorous...beautifully crafted... Clarke is a luminous presence”
Richard Kuipers, Variety

“A stunningly acted mediation on the sorrow and precariousness of living, and living well, Look Both Ways is a profound, majestic work of art that marks the arrival of an exceptionally gifted director.”Marta Jary, Filmink

“brilliant and searching... genuine, gripping and fearlessly funny ...natural and touching performances ...Look Both Ways is always intelligent, perceptively observed and deeply felt. It’s a rare film that’s so unafraid to ask the biggest of big questions – and ask them so entertainingly. Up there with Lantana, Look Both Ways is an especially fine Australian movie and a remarkable debut for Sarah Watt. Do yourself a favour.”5 Stars
Michael Adams, Empire

“I am rarely so touched by a film, yet leaving the cinema drifted out onto the street lost in its spell. Go see Look Both Ways....Watt is an inspiring talent”
Jo Chichester, Vogue Australia

“A startling experience that will move audiences to tears as well as provide belly laughs at the drop of a hat. Beautifully acted and directed" 5 Stars
Chris Murray, OK

"It is a very sophisticated, gorgeous, funny film... I thought it was so entertaining…so funny”
Richard Glover, 702 ABC

“top-notch….a must-see” 5 stars

“skillfully constructed ensemble drama... Clarke, Hayes and McInnes are standouts ...a strikingly compassionate, profoundly hopeful work”
Veronica Gleeson, IF MAGAZINE

“the best Australian film of recent years...Stunningly acted and beautifully filmed, Look Both Ways is a profound, moving drama from an exceptionally gifted director” 8/10
Marta Jary, SOAP WORLD